Quick and easy snow removal.

D. Muzzioli Associates has a wide variety of snow removal operators and equipment ready to tackle residential driveways and walkways as well as large industrial complexes and malls. For residential accounts we also shovel all entrances, and sidewalks can can apply calcium chloride to prevent slippery surfaces.

We also have sanding services to treat slippery roadways, walkways, and parking lots.

D. Muzzioli offers onsite management and storage of surface treatment materials, such as sand and sand/salt mixes.

*Available for snow removal to snow farms which operates on 24 hour services

*We are available for emergencies 24/7

Some of our commercial accounts include:

  • Various UPS locations
  • Arsenal Apartments Watertown
  • Boylston Properties Watertown
  • Gann Academy Waltham
  • Miller Park Somerville
  • Pappas Enterprise South Boston
  • Marriot Hotel Watertown
  • Russel Condo’s Watertown
  • Urell Watertown